Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer news. The big post of the little news

To make it easier to check all recent and summer news, all summer news will be added to this one Post. This because usualy older posts get burried down down in the blog. Instead, collecting them in one post all news should be move visible

5th September '09 - Anglo-Irish Cup 2009. Great Dane wins the first edition of the Anglo-Irish Cup (35-32 final score). In a very intense match, with constant overtaking between the two sides, the current English champions managed to keep their coolness and win in the last few minute over the equally strong Dublin International team. Chris O'Reilly deserve a special mention. This young player, recently moved from North Kildare to DI, showed already to benefit from the summer training with DI's experienced players. We hope that this competition, born as an initiative of the Dublin International Club and with the support of the English Handball Association, will see continuation in the coming years. -DVD of the match is available on request.

30th August '09 - Astra Handball Club has a new web site. The site, still under construction, is accessible at the address

30th August '09 - International handball in Dublin, Anglo Irish Cup 2009 Dublin International are honoured to be the first host nation of the Anglo Irish Cup. The tournament, to be held in St Columba's College, Co Dublin on the 5th of September at 17.30 will hopefully be the first of many in years to come. The tournament showcases the National Champions from England and Ireland to play for the title "Best Club of England and Ireland". This years teams are, Dublin International, 2 time All Ireland National Champions, and Great Dane, 5 time National League Champions and 6 time Cup Champions of England. England Handball Federations General Secretary Stephen Jones has confirmed he will be attending the game after receiving an invitation from Dublin Internationals President Magnus Clarke. Dublin International would like to invite everyone to come and support the Irish team in this International tournament. Entry is free and everyone is welcome to attend.


30th August '09 - Dublin International men & Astra Handball ladies will be representing Irish handball in the EHF Club competition Challenge Cup. Dub Int is at its second experience while Astra is entering for the first time this prestigious competition. Thanks to this two teams Ireland mantains its presence on the European stage, where handball counts.

30th August '09 - Susanne & Silke have left the building. This summer has seen the departure from Ireland of Silke and Susanne. the two UCD players were important personality of the UCD and Ireland handball life. They contributed by playing, partying, baking cakes, and coaching. Silke and Susanne were the first two coaches of the re-etablished Girls U14 Irish team. Thanks to them DJK Budenheim travelled from Germany to Dublin with their U14 team, and the Senior Irish Ladies team travelled to Budenheim in a exchange/training collaboration project. With the and of their Irish adventure Irish handball exported a piece of its history. We wish them a lot of good luck, and we hope to see them soon......Athens may be!!

4th June '09 - Summer hanball is on every week in UCD. Check the site to stay updated on when handball is on week by week.

4th June '09 - Dublin International has a new website check it on

4th June '09 - IOHA AGM is being held on Saturday June 13th in Sports HQ, Park West, Dublin 12


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